Let It Be Known!

I have been getting a lot of questions on my whereabouts and how I am doing after moving from California to take a new job in Colorado. Well I am doing great! I am stoked to announce that I bought a conversion van and I will be traveling around the country!

outlaw graphics van

Window graphics by Outlaw Graphics of Brookings, SD.

I have been thinking about traveling for a couple years now and it all stemmed down to one simple question…Have you ever been driving down the highway (or interstate for my big city peeps) and see something that looks fun or interesting only to drive past it? Everyone can answer yes to that questions and most likely you rarely stop because you have a certain place to be at a certain time. That was me on every road trip, especially the road trips from California to South Dakota, “That trail looks crazy fun to run but I’ll run it next time”. My Ultimate Journey is about to begin and I will stop at all those places as well as places recommend by friends, family and the complete strangers I meet on the Journey.

“A Runner’s Life – A Runner’s Dream”. Follow JAdRunning on Facebook, Instagram and on my blog JAdRunning.com to see everything this journey will throw at me.

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