3 Months, 9 States, 6,123 Miles

Life is a learning tool. If we study it by living in the moment we’ll be happy every moment of our lives.

Walls of Jericho in Alabama Photo Credit Zach Andrews

This weekend marked 3 months into my journey. I have been to 9 states (SD, NE, MO, AR, TN, MS, LA, FL & AL) and put on 6,123 miles! Words can not describe what an amazing experience the last few months have been. Well actually let me try: Thankful, honored, rad, interesting, scary, beautiful, cold, dirty, happy, crazy, emotional, joyful, smelly, loved…I could go on and on but most of all I am truly grateful. Grateful for the words of encouragement, the support from family and friends and for all my new friends I have met along the way.

I can not believe my JAdRunning Facebook page has hit 248 likes! Half the likes are from people I didn’t even know when I started or haven’t even met. Honored to have everyone of you following my adventure!

Also, if there is a place you think I should check out please comment and let me I know. If you think you know someone that may like my page please share it www.facebook.com/jadrunning.

Zach and I at Kings Chair overlook in Oak Mountain State Park

This weekend in Birmingham I met up with Fellow Dirtbag Runner Zach for some beautiful running because of social media! Meeting people is how I get to see the best of the best in everyone’s stomping ground.

Trust me I don’t mind being stalked…well the friendly stalking that is!!


  1. Kevin · February 9, 2015

    Sounds like an amazing adventure. Wish my running would actually get me places instead of ending back home again every night. 🙂


  2. Teresa McLagan · February 9, 2015

    Love following your wonderful journey Joel. So happy for you


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