Signpost Forest – Watson Lake, Yukon

The Signpost Forest in Watson Lake, Yukon.

I don’t plan anything really. Maybe a few things here and there but generally I look at a map and drive. Along the way I stop when I see something that looks like fun. So to my surprise I find Signpost Forest in Watson Lake. A famous stop along the Alcan/Alaskan Highway where people from all over the world bring a sign to hang from their home town.

The tradition was started by an Army of Engineers Private that was injured while working on the highway. He was commanded to repair and repaint the directional sign outside of Watson Lake. During this repair he placed a sign of his own from his hometown in Illinois which began the start of Signpost Forest. Around 72,000+ signs are scattered throughout more than two acres and I didn’t bring anything!?

I met a couple from Nevada that were doing a three month retirement/anniversary trip to Alaska. Her parents have a sign up somewhere in the masses that she couldn’t find. As we talked I watched them hang their own sign to commemorate their trip.

Dang it, I wish I had a sign to hang! I roamed the rows and rows with Pup looking at signs. Then it hit me…I have a sign!

I open the back door of the van and dig through my bins. Yep there it is…Jayden St! Heck yeah! I find a spot that has an opening to fit the small street sign shaped plaque. At least Pup will have his own sign hanging up to carry out his fluffball legacy in the World Famous Signpost Forest!

Do you or someone you know have a sign up at Signpost Forest?


  1. Midwestern Plant Girl · June 9, 2017

    Cutie dog! My border collie, Breck resembles him.
    A blogger I follow had a sign there.

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    • JAdRunning · June 11, 2017

      Aussies and Border Collies are the best! Sure glad I remembered I had something to put up at the Signpost Forest!

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  2. Pete · June 10, 2017

    On my first trip to Alaska in 1995, before I moved there, my son and I put up my departed wife’s license plate near the visitors center. Over the years I drove the ALCAN 8 times and on many of those trips stopped in Watson Lake to sleep for the night and ended up visiting her sign.

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    • JAdRunning · June 11, 2017

      That’s a great way to honor her Pete! Thanks for sharing!


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