Memory from Babson Boulder Trail – Dogtown, MA

The other day I was going through my drawers to declutter some stuff. It’s crazy how fast you accumulate things when you have an actual place versus a van. I came across this postcard and a copy of quotes in a folder from my travels around the country.

It came from a lady I met on a trailhead in Dogtown, Massachusetts. Before I talk about this amazing woman let me explain the trail a little bit. This trail, Babson Boulder Trail, was very interesting and it was such a great stop during my travels. A guy by the name of Roger Babson created a trail where he etched sayings in over 30 boulders. Each boulder giving inspirational self improving quotes.

“Another thing I have been doing, which I hope will be carried on after my death, is the carving of mottoes on the boulders at Dogtown, Gloucester, Massachusetts. My family says that I am defacing the boulders and disgracing the family with these inscriptions, but the work gives me a lot of satisfaction, fresh air, excerise and sunshine. I am really trying to write a simple book with words carved in stone instead of printed paper. Besides, when on Dogtown common, I revert to a boyhood which I once enjoyed when driving cows there many years ago.” Roger Babson

Now the lady I met at the trailhead was Peggy, at the time 74 year old cancer survivor with tons of wisdom you don’t pass up a conversation with. We talked about life, traveling and Pup (of course Pup!). She had just wrapped up her hike when we met and I was just getting ready to head out for my hike. Upon my return from my hike I had treats for myself and Pup and two notes in my windshield. She made a copy of the quotes she said she read everyday, to which I read frequently during my travels. I’m glad I found this because it’s much needed! And I’m also happy to say I reached out to her via the email she gave me and she doing well four years later.

Like Peggy said in the postcard – Enjoy this precious gift called life! Peggy if your reading this thanks for the wonderful memory!