Happy 50 mile 1 year Anniversary to me!

Wow time flies!

A year ago today I set out to run first ultra marathon at the Sean O’Brien 50 miler in Malibu, California.

The emotions that went through me from start to finish would almost make a doctor diagnose me with bipolar disorder. The highs were the highest. The lows were pretty darn low. I am sure you can imagine all the thoughts that would flow through your brain over a 13 hour 15 minute 50 mile run. During the most solitude moments of the race my life’s choices were defiantly running faster then I was. I would not change a minute of my life, even now as I write this in my van on my lake front property in Mississippi. All those choices lead me to my current journey! An experience I try to explain in words when I meet people but fall extremely short in it’s attempt.

Cheers to living life through the ups and the downs and running it crazy!

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