Hawaii here I come – State 49 of 50!

How many of you want to see pictures from Hawaii? Or more so, who wants to see photos from one of the top 20 most dangerous hikes in the world?

November 7th I’ll be flying to Hawaii for three weeks to explore three of the islands. For two of the three weeks I’ll have Michelle from Restless Wanderess to help check off state #49 for both of us. For those that don’t remember I met Michelle and her kids in Wyoming for a hike as they were headed to the Pacific Northwest. We’ve both finished the lower 48 this year so I’m grateful to have her with me to experience the epic Kalulua Trail as well as a few others in state 49.
I should be packing for my trip but I stumbled across these gems! Here’s a taste of what National Parks I’ve visited the last two years in the lower 48 and I’ll for sure be checking off another one at Volcanos NP in Hawaii.

2 thoughts on “Hawaii here I come – State 49 of 50!

  • Dear Jared, I am so happy you are going to one of my two favorite states,(after visiting all 50, Alaska and Hawaii)are my vote. I have been there 5 times,volunteered on Big Island for 6 months at Kalani Honua Retreat.Wonderful….nude black sand beach nearby…..mellow natives,dolphins, whales
    Are you bringing your dog? Just curious. I had to put mine down in April, and miss him so. Still walking in Dogtown with daughters pooch. Wishing safe travels, and I sure would like to follow your trip.
    Aloha from Peggy in Gloucester.

    • Hey Peggy!
      That’s great that you volunteered on the big Island. I hope to see some dolphins and whales for the three days I’m on the big island.
      Pup won’t be with me on this one but he is ready to get back on the road soon, getting a bit stir crazy. Sorry to hear about your dog that’s always rough and I think about Pup as he older now. Glad your still getting out there with you daughters dog for walks at Dogtown. Still a fond memory meeting you that day. I’ll send some warm weather your way while I’m in Hawaii.
      Aloha for Pup and I =)

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