North to Alaska!

I recently posted a picture on my personal Facebook page of Pup with piece of paper and asked for everyone to guess what it meant!? I loved everyone’s responses! Well, the answer is…Alaska!
After finishing the road trip across the Lower 48 states in the van and a trip to Hawaii I contemplated settling down in Southern California again. Not really knowing what I wanted, I bounced around Orange County for two months. Once I wrapped up 49 states I told myself Alaska would have to wait for another year or two. I took a recent short trip to Sacramento to visit family over Easter, with a stop at Yosemite and Carrizo Plain National Monument on the way back south.
I began to apartment hunt with 100% intention on calling Vanlife quits. With a week into the search I began to remember why I chose Vanlife in the first place. The stress of finding a place that was pet friendly and affordable was topping out on the ridiculous meter.

I text my dad about the stress and a got a lengthy reply that would plant the Alaska seed. “Hey Joel, something to think about. You realize that you have not finished your state road trip. You are 2600 miles from Juneau Alaska…”. This text brought back the same feeling of when my dad sent me the photo of my van for sale in my home town back in September 2014

The older I get the less time I take to think about doing things I want. Talked about moving to California for 4 years before doing it. Talked about living in a van for 2 years before doing it. Took me a few months to actually leave my home town once the van was ready. Now Alaska, that only took me a day to decide on a HECK! YES!

I have no clue where I’m going, if roads are even open or what trails I’ll try to run. I did just purchase the book The Mile Post 2017 – Alaska Planner which is jammed full of all I need to know. For now…I’m headed north to Washington and I’ll plan along the way!

10 thoughts on “North to Alaska!

  • Good for you! I drove from San Fran to Anchorage in a van years ago. We left in Mid May. The Milemarker a Bible must have. It was the best road trip of my life. You are in for a big and do I mean big treat! I’m so happy for you. Who knows, you might want to stay! I’ll send you my friends address in Anchorage. She was born there has lots of connections. Maybe you can park in their driveway.
    Safe travels, be prepared and enjoy!
    Best wishes, Peggy Wakeman from Dogtown, Cape Ann

    • Hey Peggy! I thought of you when I first decided to do the trip. I’m excited! I’ll leave around mid May too. Even with all the books info I’ll take all the advice I can get, especially from locals! Thanks! Hope all is well on the east coast…Pup sends kiss.

  • You are going to love Alaska! Enjoy this new adventure and keep sharing those great pictures! Glenda, RGV Visitor Center Volunteer, Big Bend National Park

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