Carlsbad Caverns National Park – New Mexico

Stopped by Carlsbad Caverns National Park today to go explore under ground for a change versus running on top of it.Although pup was not happy (had him kenneled due to the hot temps), myself and 8 others took a historic candle-lit lantern Ranger tour through an undeveloped section of the cave. The trail or section is called lefthand and it was on unpaved trails. Which sounded like my kind of tour so I coughed up the $7 for the tour. Ranger Nate was information galore and may have nerdded out on us a few times, making the tour even better!   After climbing around the dim lit section of lefthand I explored through the “Big Room” section of the cave. The Big Room is the free (not including the NP entrance) self guided tour of Carlsbad Caverns. –Insert all the big words for cave formations here–, it was spectacular to learn how all these formations become what they are. 

   Have you been in a cavern lately or ever? If not check one out…it’s amazing!