Terry Badlands Wilderness Area – Montana

What you don’t see when you’re driving along Interstate 94 in Southeastern Montana is the beauty! Natural Bridges, Chimney Rock and most of all solitude.

Of course to see it all there is only one way there, across a sketchy old train bridge. The old train tracks that once traveled through the area is what gives this trails its name, the Calypso Trail. Let’s say you brave the sketchy bridge you’re next obstacle is the gumbo mud back roads if it’s previously rained. Google search Terry Badlands Wilderness and you won’t find much. Especially on how to get to the actual trailhead location.Lucky me (not) it rained the day I got to Terry Badlands. I then opted to park in the grass off the maintained gravel road for the night so I could run early morning. The couple pages I did manage to find on the area gave only a vague descriptions on the trail length to the natural bridges. I don’t run with a gps watch so I normally go off mileages from maps and my phone. With no map to help I base the run off my phone data. I ended up with 19 miles round trip from where I parked. *Remember I am not near the trailhead due to bad roads. It’s not a difficult trail what so ever. Basically an old road that wanders through the designated wilderness area.If you’re ever in Eastern Montana and looking to hike or run let me know, I’ll gladly point you in the right direction of this cool hidden gem.

Full Rainbow and Sunset in Bighorn Canyon National Park – Montana 

If I were to write an opening act script about my life traveling the country. I would definitely start it with the views I had while I camped and hiked on the south side of Bighorn Canyon!Even with the chance thunderstorms the picture perfect cloudy skies, literally picture perfect, were amazing! If you have ever been to the Horshoe Bend near Page, AZ I got a view better for you with less people, by less a mean no one around. With a little trail blazing at the Devil’s Canyon overlook in Bighorn Canyon National Rec Area you can get a sweet view of this hidden gem in Montana.Then to top off the amazing views at the canyon I had the most incredible view where I park for the night! After getting to the spot I relaxed in the van while it rained, enjoying every drop on the tin roof. Out of the corner of my eye I see the sunset peek in between the horizon and clouds. As I get out of the van to watch the beautiful sunset there’s a full-blown rainbow to the east. My heart started pounding. I couldn’t wrap my head around what was happening…a sunset like that and a full rainbow!? Then my mind snapped back in to place, oh shit get a picture! I jumped in the van to grab my phone and capture the beauty in a panoramic shot.The view didn’t last long, maybe a few minutes before it started to rain again, but my heart stuttered for close to an hour afterwards.